Fillable Friends

SafePark Fillable Friends by AquaStar

Fillable Friends is a new and exciting way to install multicolor graphics in poured in place surfaces that are revolutionizing the industry. Fillable Friends are a great accent for poured in place surfaces in playgrounds, waterparks, spray and splash parks, sidewalks, inside swimming pools and spas; pool decks, sporting venues, landscaping and many other locations and applications.

With the use of Fillable Friends you are able to create characters, designs and even complete themes the same day you do your installation. No more time consuming labor intensive trips back and forth to the job site, to layout, cutout, and pour or paint graphics one color at a time.

With Fillable Friends you just pick the characters or designs you want to place in the surfacing. Lay them where you want them and start pouring. When you come to a Fillable Friend™ you just pour around it and fill the frame with multiple colors, a solid color or just use the color you are pouring. (Fillable Friends™ are also available prefilled for even more convenience) The beauty and simplicity of Fillable Friends™ is that the frame allows you to keep colors separate and the detail of the Fillable Friends frame gives you a crisp and clean result, with the graphic being a full ½ inch deep. Fillable Friends™ are a great addition to making repairs. With Fillable Friends™ you can turn your repair work into artwork.

Fillable Friends does not affect impact attenuation and therefore can be used within the fall zones of the play equipment. With Fillable Friends you can create a theme that will run throughout your project creating a special environment that children will be drawn to and adults will admire and love. Proudly made in the USA!

Add Beautiful Characters and Graphics to New Installs
Turn Repair Work Into Artwork Fast and Easy With Fillable Friends