Educational Training

Educational Training: Breakfast or Lunch and Learn

SafePark Playground Services offers educational programs to inform playground owners and operators of current playground safety laws and current required safety standards. We help you understand what your obligations are and what the consequences could be if you do not meet these obligations. We offer Breakfast and Learn where we provide bagels, pastry, juice and coffee. For Lunch and Learn we provide sandwiches or pizza and drinks. We start with a very informative power point presentation titled “Playground Safety It’s the Law”. We demonstrate how we perform safety audits using probes, gages, templates and other tools of the trade. We demonstrate how playground safety surfacing is tested for impact attenuation using the Triax 2010, a very sophisticated and fascinating instrument. We finish with a question and answer session. Programs can be provide at your office, a playground of your choice or our office. We also offer learning opportunities on our website using a learning portal.

SafePark Playground Services Founder and CEO James (Jamey) Clark is also an instructor for the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) for Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) certification, as well as being certified to teach their Playground Maintenance Course.

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A playground should allow children to develop gradually and test their skills by providing a series of graduated challenges. The challenges presented should be appropriate for age related abilities and should be ones that children can perceive and choose to undertake. Toddlers, preschool- and school-age children differ dramatically, not only in physical size and ability, but also in their intellectual and social skills. Therefore, age-appropriate playground designs should accommodate these differences with regard to the type, scale, and the layout of equipment.