Playground Cleaning and Maintenance Programs

Playground Cleaning and Maintenance

Playground Cleaning – pressure wash and clean equipment; with antibacterial cleaner. This not only sanitizes the surfaces, it also cleans and brightens the plastic and metal components. We also remove all gum and stickers. All sand and debris will be cleaned from joints, corners and edges to expose any possible maintenance/repair needs or hidden hazards. (Recommend Quarterly)

Pressure wash and scrub rubber safety surfaces; dirt and debris will be removed via vacuum, blower and broom as needed. The surface will be pressure washed with antibacterial cleaner and hot water to remove embedded dirt, sand, food, gum, soft drinks and foreign substances.

Seal rubber safety surface; after performing the cleaning we will seal the surface with a clear urethane top coat. This process will not only revitalize and brighten the rubber; it will extend the life of the rubber by protecting against damaging ultra-violet rays and reducing the amount of rubber granules that are worn off by normal use.

Loose Fill Sand/Wood Fiber; we will dig test holes in various locations to check for the proper depth of loose fill. We will rake to level out kick outs (low spots) under the swings, slide exits and other areas where use displaces the loose fill. We will go over the loose fill safety surface with a metal detector to locate and remove metal debris or small metal toys that may cause injury to bare feet. We also visually inspect the play area for broken glass and any other foreign materials or debris.

The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has long recognized the potential hazards that exist with the use of playground equipment, with over 200,000 estimated emergency
room-treated injuries annually. The most recent study of 2,691 playground equipment-related incidents reported to the CPSC from 2001-2008 indicated that falls are the most
common hazard pattern (44% of injuries) followed by equipment-related hazards, such as breakage, tip over, design, and assembly (23%).1 Other hazard patterns involved
entrapment and colliding other children or stationary equipment. Playground-related deaths reported to the Commission involved entanglement of ropes, leashes, or
clothing; falls;