Certified Safety Surface Impact Testing Using the Traix 2010

Surface Impact Testing

Safepark provides surface impact testing using the follow methods and criteria>

ASTM F1292-13

5.1 Critical Fall Height TestThe impact attenuation of a playground surface or surfacing materials is measured using an impact test in which a missile is dropped onto the playground surface from a predetermined drop height. The acceleration of the missile during the impact is measured using an accelerometer and associated data recording equipment. The acceleration time history is analyzed to determine g-max and HIC scores. (current acceptable standards are less than 200 g-max and 1,000 HIC)

Installed Surface Performance Test (Field Test) ASTM F1292

 Test Site Selection

16.1 To determine whether an installed playground surface meets the requirements of this specification, a minimum of three different impact test sites in the use zone of each play structure shall be tested using the impact test procedure described in Section 19.

16.2 For each play structure served by the playground surface, a minimum of three impact test sites shall be selected. When play structures have overlapping use zones, test sites in the overlapping regions shall be permitted to be used for all applicable play structures. Where there is more than one type of surfacing material system in use, then each material shall be tested at a minimum of three test sites.

16.2.1 Each impact test site shall be within the use zone of the play structure.

16.2.2 The impact test sites selected shall include any sites expected to have the least impact attenuation.

The Impact Attenuation Field Test will be performed by a SafePark staff member that is a NPSI Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI)) and Certified to administer the Triax 2010 drop test.