Complete Playground Refurbishing

Playground Refurbishing

We will perform a comprehensive Playground Safety Audit to determine if the equipment meets the current ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Based on our findings we will recommend a plan of action for playground refurbishing.

Play equipment will be fenced off and signs placed to inform users of the improvements being made. The signs will list the dates of the closure, the address of the closest public access park/playground in the area. SafePark will also list their phone number and any other information requested by the client.

Metal Components; we will pressure wash the structure to remove loose paint, dirt and debris. Wire brush to remove rust and any remaining loose paint. Treat rust with a rust inhibiter, sand all surfaces to be painted and apply primer to all exposed metal. Apply using sprayer, brush and roller, two (2) coats of Dunn Edwards Enduro-Gloss oil base enamel, color to match the original colors as close as possible or color(s) of the clients choice.

Plastic Components; we will pressure wash and scrub all plastic components with antibacterial soap and hot water to thoroughly clean all surfaces. Remove stickers and graffiti. (some graffiti penetrates the plastic and will leave shadowing). Use a plastic welder to repair minor nonstructural cracks and smooth rough areas

Safety Surfacing; we will test the surfacing to see if it complies with the current ASTM F1292 Head Impact Attenuation safety standards. If loose fill surface is low add additional sand or Engineered Wood Fiber to meet the required depth. On compliant rubber surfaces we will repair damaged areas and seal with a clear or colored urethane sealer.

Refurbishing a playground is a fraction of the cost of replacing a playground.